Executives’ Association of San Diego Appoints New President

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SAN DIEGO- The Executives’ Association of San Diego has elected Jaime “Jim” Hernandez as the new President for the November 2016 to May 2017 term. Hernandez will be responsible for hosting concentrating members, managing the committee’s agenda and partnering with the executive director on all business-related matters. His primary focus for this term will be to better define the roles of committee members and increase participation rates of all members.

Hernandez has been a part of Execs for five years and has served on the board of directors for the past three years. In the last term, he was voted as first Vice President under Wes Wilmers where he exceled in his leadership ability.

“Jim has a great understanding of the group. He always has a professional, positive attitude and leads by example. Jim inspires the members to take action and participate and does so with levity and humor,” says Lynn Thomas, the Executive Director of Execs.

Hernandez is also the President of Strategic Business Communications, Inc., a business consulting company that specializes in event planning, sales training and customer satisfaction research. Since becoming President in 2009, Jaime has managed over 1000 corporate events in Northern America and trained business owners across Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. Hernandez hopes to bring his extensive background in consulting, training and sales to Execs in order to continue the growth of the organization.

“I am very honored and excited to be able to lead and support some of San Diego’s most outstanding businesses,” said Hernandez.

“For almost 100 years this group has been built on the simple function of referring business, because of the confidence we have in one another to deliver outstanding products and services.”



About Execs

The Executives’ Association of San Diego was founded in 1923 as an organization of business executives from the San Diego area, all in non-competing businesses, whose primary function is to increase the sale of goods and services of its members through the exchange of business and business information. All members represent business firms at responsible levels of management.

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