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Aug 26

The Best Way to Keep Up With Your Social Media Activity

As the transition continues from traditional media outlets to online platforms, it may be hard for some business owners to keep up. Leads are being generated online and they demand far more than just setting up a social media site. Managing and analyzing social media sites is the new norm for any successful business.

Aug 17

Why Facebook’s New Algorithm Will Demand You to Step Up Your Social Media Game

This June, Facebook announced something that has shaken up the world of publishers and marketers all over the world. According to an article posted on Facebook by Vice President Adam Mosseri, the site has updated its News Feed—and it’s not to your advantage. The new algorithm will push content posted by the user’s closest friends and family to the top. In turn, content posted by publishers, such as news sites, will show up less prominently on user’s newsfeeds.

Aug 12

How Valuable is a Good NPS For Your Business?

“How likely are you to recommend my business to someone else?”

Aug 03

What Your Business Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Swift PR Social Media Move

Last month, Donald Trump showed the world his new campaign logo while introducing his new vice presidential running partner. This logo appeared very different from his initial one, which had the “T” and “P” letters converged together. After receiving very harsh criticism on Twitter regarding the logo, the Donald Trump campaign decided it was best to change it entirely.

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