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Jul 28

On a Scale Of 0-10 How Likely Would You Recommend “The Business” To People You Know?

Why would this questions send you running for cover?

Jul 27

The Secret to Measuring ROI for Your Social Media Channels

When it comes to seeing results, most of us are impatient. We want to lose weight as fast as possible; even if that means paying hundreds of dollars for health products that may or may not work. In the business world, things run the same way. Companies are always looking for numbers to justify the money they pour into public relations and marketing campaigns.

Jul 14

Having SATISFIED Customers is Like Winning the Bronze Medal at the Olympics

If your customers are all satisfied—that’s great. But to win the gold medal from your customers, you have to be exceptional. Your goal needs to be focused on creating an amazing customer experience, which causes your customers to become a small army of promoters who are telling their friends and family that they should do business with you.

Jul 12

Four Tips That Will Guarantee A High Survey Response Rate

Customer feedback in an important part of any business. Knowing how your business is doing and where it needs to improve are a couple of the benefits of sending out surveys.

Jul 11

Word of Mouth, How to get your customers talking

Word of mouth is a great way to make sure that more and more consumers are aware of your company and the products and services you offer. In order to take advantage of this highly effective marketing method, you need to get customers talking about your business. What are some of the top ways to do that? The following tips can help you encourage customers to spread the word about your company. 

Jul 08

How to Best Manage Negative Feedback on Social Media

In today’s world of transparency, everyone can find out anything about your business. Like it or not, word of mouth on social media has a major impact on your image and can spread in a matter of seconds. Online comments and reviews from customers are becoming the primary source of credibility when it comes to your businesses’ reputation.

Jul 06

Is Yelp A Worthwhile Investment for Your Business?

Yelp is a website and mobile application that the mere mention of can elicit strong opinions from business owners. Those companies that have received excellent reviews tend to love it, while those who have not may think it has an unfair setup. Whether you love it or you hate it, Yelp is a popular search engine and review website. In fact, according to official stats there have been over 102 million reviews posted on the site since it was founded in 2004.

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