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Jun 30

NPS for Dummies: What Is It and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

What is it?

Jun 29

How Do I Fix My Negative Yelp Review?

5 Ways to Best Manage Negative Feedback on Social Media

Jun 28

Why Yelp Might Not Be the Only Review Site You Should Trust

Yelp might be one of the best-known online review sites, but it’s not the only one out there. Although many consumers do visit Yelp to post reviews or read reviews of different businesses, some concerns about the site have come up in recent years. As a business owner, it’s important to keep this in mind. While you can get an idea of how your company is doing and how satisfied customers are based on Yelp reviews, you shouldn’t rely solely on the site for determining customer satisfaction or loyalty.

Jun 21

Social Media: By the Numbers

According to Tom Pick, “70% of the U.S. population now has at least one social networking profile; more than half use two or more social networks.”(

Jun 16

Word of Mouth is The Best Way to Grow Your Business

According to Nielsen, “84% of global consumers believe recommendations from friends and family are the most trustworthy sources of information about products, up from 78% in 2007.” Word of mouth has made monumental strides in recent years and is overtaking the throne that traditional advertising and public relations has held. With the boom of review sites and social media platforms, industries are beginning to adapt to the constantly changing landscape that is word of mouth. In order for business to continue growing, here are three steps to success:

Jun 16

How to Manage the Sales Process with a Google Informed Client


Jun 14

4 Facts About Word Of Mouth Advertisements You Didn’t Know About.

Let’s start with a brief description of what Word of Mouth advertisements means. Word of Mouth advertisements is an unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers share with their family and friends how much they like a business, service or product. Every business knows the importance of word of mouth advertisement as each happy customer might steer potential customers towards them. Besides knowing this, here are 4 facts you didn’t know about word of mouth advertisement.

Jun 13

How Do You Get More Loyal Customers?

Customer loyalty is one of the most important components of a successful business. When you know that you can count on your customers coming back for repeat business, your company can enjoy a steady stream of profits. Loyal customers are also the ones who are likely to spread the word about your company and recommend it to everyone they know. If you’re struggling to boost customer loyalty, consider trying the following tips.

Jun 09

Who Should You Hire To Manage Customer Service?


Jun 07

Word of Mouth in Three Easy Steps

Labeled by Nielsen as the most credible source of recommendation, word of mouth marketing is now considered to be the most effective form of promotion. It surpasses old ways of marketing and advertising by creating trust, long term value and brand building. Cheaper than T.V. ads, newspaper articles or radio spots, word of mouth marketing is a very important tool for businesses desiring to grow while spending few marketing dollars.

Jun 06

Warning: You're Losing Money by Not Focusing on Net Promoter Score

Jun 02

Think You're Focused on Customer Satisfaction? Ask yourself these questions.

Today “being satisfied” is not what will make a difference for your business. Having a completely satisfied or memorable experience is what needs to happen in order to make that one time customer a client for life. Great service has become norm.

Jun 01

3 Ways To Tell Your Business Is Being Lazy

You seem to be putting in the work but somehow the results don’t show like you expected. So what is your business doing wrong? Here are 3 easy ways to spot signs that your business is being lazy and how you can you do something about it.

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