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Apr 28

I Hate Yelp so "How Do I Improve Online Reviews?"

According to a September 2013 Nielsen study on the “Most Influential” and “Most Trusted” forms of advertising, “recommendations from people I know” or word of mouth recommendations are more important than online reviews. However, reviews ranked 3rd and 2nd respectively, so reviews are very important.

Apr 26

What are the best websites for restaurant reviews?

Whether you like it or not in order to stay competitive, your restaurant must not only be able to cook a great meal but also stay on top of online customer engagement, and protect your brand. Good reviews boost your business while terrible ones can close you down. And, in an age when everyone can be an online critic, ratings have never been more important. So, where should my restaurant be? Facebook? Tripadvisor? Urban Spoon?

Apr 25

Turn Your Good Restaurant into a Great Restaurant with Net Promoter Score

When it comes to running a restaurant, being considered “good” isn’t enough. You might get a steady stream of customers, but what happens when you end up having a “great” restaurant nearby? Restaurant owners should focus on making their good restaurant a great one in order to make sure they’re able to keep customers coming back to their business instead of going elsewhere. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your restaurant to make it better. In fact, having customers take a simple survey is an effective way to start boosting business and maintaining a loyal customer base. 

Apr 21

Remember What Restaurant Reviews Were Like Before the Internet?

Reviews before the internet were all about the voice of the customer. What is interesting is that according to Nielsen’s September 2013 report, Under the Influence: Consumer Trust in Advertising, “word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family” are still the most powerful forms of advertising.

Apr 20

Benefits of Monitoring Customer Satisfaction in Real-time

Keeping track of how satisfied your customers are is an important part of ensuring that your business succeeds. Although you can collect information on customer satisfaction a few times a year, monitoring customer satisfaction in real-time gives you instant feedback that can help your company in a number of ways. You can do this by making customer surveys readily available to those who purchase your products or services. These customers can provide feedback that lets you know how happy they are with your products or services and whether or not they’re willing to recommend your company. These are just some of the main advantages of using real-time monitoring.

Apr 18

3 Quick Ways to improve your Restaurants Online Reputation

Getting positive reviews is critical to the success of your business. Here are 3 fast ways to improve those reviews you are having a hard time dealing with.

Apr 14

3 Secrets to Improve Customer Loyalty

CRM or Customer Relations Management systems are often thought of as the answer to improve customer loyalty, but it is not the system that solves the issues, a CRM system is just the tool. So “how do I improve customer loyalty?” Here are 3 secrets that business owners and sellers of these systems don’t normally talk about:

Apr 12

Improve All Restaurant Operations with Net Promoter Score Survey Data

Keeping customers satisfied can be a challenge when you own a restaurant. One customer might rave about a certain menu item, while another complains about the way it was prepared or the way it tasted. Customers might also give drastically different reviews of their experience with the same server. How can you keep customers happy and turn negative online reviews into positive ones? A simple survey taken by your customers can provide you with the information you need.

Apr 11

Increase sales through increase customer satisfaction

Customer loyalty isn’t enough. There are many factors we have to take into consideration when it comes to sales increase, like marketing strategy, productivity and cost control. Although it has been proven that increasing customer satisfaction is not enough, it does play a huge role in today’s globalized and fast paced economy.

Apr 07

5 Ways Your Net Promoter (NPS) Score Can Help Your Restaurant.

Big or small, your restaurant needs to pay attention to the Voice of the Customer, and NPS brings some real science to the rescue.

Apr 05

3 Ways To Increase Customer Satisfaction with Millennials

Believe it or not, millennials are now the most diverse and educated generation we have had in history. So, who is considered to be a millennial? Generally speaking, millennials are individuals ranged between 18 – 37 years old, they are college educated and 89% of them use the internet for their personal use on a daily basis. With an increased access to communication channels, and a generation that grew up with the internet, it’s really hard not to pay attention to them.

Apr 04

Yelp Sucks! Here's How You Can Improve Online Reviews

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